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Sunrise and Virgin Beaches

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In Andalusia the situation has not changed too much: it is hot as always! However, there are higher waves which prevent bathing on some of the beaches especially those with stone beds on the coast.

On Sunday we delivered the young people safely at their respective hubs to their airports (Tim in Almeria and Lisi and Mike in San Javier, a small airport close to Murcia and the impressive „Mar Menor“ with its skyline). May they peacefully freeze in Halmstad and Salzburg (temperatures are said to be very low there).

The photos below show the somehow unavoidable sunrise scenery (at the balcony of „our“ home) as well as a scenery from the rocky coast in the South, where the „virgin beaches“ are to be found, which are target of my morning jogging tours along the „Ramblas“ (dry river beds) and our afternoon beach tours.

The tour to Granada is ahead of us (Wed/Thu) …

Sun rise (Mojacar)

The coast in the South of Mojacar

Virgin beach near Mojacar

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