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A Fistful of Dollars

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Yesterday we paid a visit to „Mini Hollywood“, an area of Western film studios close to Tabernas. Many well known movies (espescially „Italo Western“) were produced there, among them „A Fistful of Dollars“, „Once upon a time in the West“ („Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod“), „Der Schuh des Manitu“, „Indiana Jones“, etc. Tim stayed at home to finish his thesis and also due to the seat limit in our Twingo.

Despite of the heat we had a great time strolling through the fake Western City, attended a Western show (after which Susi kissed one of the actors, a gringo who was shot by an evil character early in the play) and had a few cold beers in the saloon. I even tried the piano in the saloon, but only shortly escaped to be arrested by the sheriff who complained about my bad practice at Chopin nocturnes 😉

The photos show two gringos imitating a scene from „A Fistful of Dollars“ and one of the gringos later at rest in front of the house of the blacksmith – never mind the phallus – ehm, the cactus 😉 The third photo shows the highly rewarded actor of the Western show mentioned above – a dwarft with a hoarse voice, by the way.

Two gringos

A gringo at rest

One of the actors in the Western City at Fort Bravo

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