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From August 9th to 10th we went to see Granada in our little Twingo and did the „Ganada-in-24-hours“ tour, starting at the Plaza de Bib-Arrambla, going up to the Alhambraby bus, visiting the Alcazaba and the gardens (Generalife) in the late afternoon and the Nasrid Palace in the night (10 p.m.) – all that interrupted by delicious breaks in the restaurants and bars (as shown on the photo, on which I strip down a „black pudding“ at the Plaza de Bib-Arrambla) … – The other day was dedicated to the shopping malls, the Cathedral and the Albaycin (the Moorish quarter).

From Granada we went on to the natural park Cabo de Gata.

Plack pudding at the Plaza de Bib-Arrambla

Granada - A scenery of relaxation (Generalife)

Granada - Susi and the Alhambra

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