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Mojácar finally

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We arrived in Mojácar at around 8 pm. The temperature was still above 30 degrees (C). So before we could take a closer look at the house we had to open all the windows and doors and let at least a little breeze in. We all soon ended up in the pool which is a communal pool (shared with a few other houses like ours), but for this moment the pool was ours! After a refreshing bath we „arranged“ the rooms, explored the kitchen and went out to have Paella in one of the Chiriguitos (beach bars) nearby.

The photos show Susi in the (communal) pool and give you a first impression of the beach. There is more to come …

Susi in the pool

Mojácar beach

Breakfast at the terrace

2 Kommentare

  1. Beneidenswert!
    Nach meinem Missgeschick sehn ich mich nun auch besonders nach Pool und Meer.

  2. Hi Susi,
    der pool schaut ja super aus! Und womit kaempst du?
    Felix meint: Geil – warum haben wir nicht Haus getauscht?

    Morgen kommt Christa nach – dann gehts bei uns richtig los.

    🙂 Hasch

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