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One night in Barcelona

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On the trip we had a stopover in Barcelona. We arrived in the evening and made our way to the hotel in the Gothic Quarter. After we all had had a shower (it was really hot in Barcelona), we went to have dinner in the famous restaurant „La Fonda“ (thanks for the correction!). As usual we had to queue for 45 minutes to get in: But the menu was delicious and worth every second of waiting. The other day we had breakfast in Port Vell and strolled along Las Ramblas. Well, the ladies did some shopping in the attractive boutiques … And Mike got a FC Barcelona dress, of course. Barcelona would ruin me, if we’d stay longer than 24 hours 😉

The photo shows Susi, Lisi and Mike at Plaza Catalunya. The other one gives an impression of Las Ramblas.

We left Barcelona on July 23rd in the evening, took the plane to Almeria where the rented car was waiting for us. We drove to our final destination Mojácar, which was a 45 minutes drive through the „desert“. More about the house and the coast soon …

Barcelona - Plaza Catalunya

Barcelona - Ramblas

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